About the Founder

The founder and developer of Freedom In A Bottle is a clairvoyant and a master energetic healer, manifestation consultant, and designer certified in several modalities of energetic healing. She has dedicated her entire life to developing and fine-tuning her healing services and products to address some of the most severe problems facing the world today. She has focused on a commercial solution for these problems for the past 9+ years. 

Through her psychic awareness of her previous lifetimes in Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, her years of studying energy work, and her mastery of cosmic and inter-dimensional forces, she gains access to the uplifted and angelic realms that intersect with the 3-D. The interplay between these various realms allows her to harness streams of uplifting and healing energy to uplift 3-D “reality”. She channels this beautiful energetic symphony to assist her clients in achieving powerful upliftment, healing, and manifestations — for life changing results.