What is Freedom In A Bottle?

This magnificent herbal bath/post-shower rinse was specially formulated to uplift you physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially. Freedom In A Bottle was designed to:

  • Improve mood, increase motivation, and enhance positive internal dialogue;
  • Assist in manifesting success, prosperity, and wealth;
  • Release the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts;
  • Prevent injuries and accidents, including car accidents;
  • Uplift relationships;
  • Increase vitality, life force, and energy levels;
  • Enhance healthy digestion, sexual function, and restorative sleep; 
  • Amplify feelings of health, well-being, confidence, and happiness;
  • Increase clear thinking, vision, and intuition;
  • Improve your life !!!

Benefits of herbal baths in general:

Using herbal baths is a wonderful way to lift your spirits, soothe your skin, and enhance relaxation. The herbs in herbal baths have active plant constituents (chemicals that have a medicinal effect on the body), which can uplift your physical state. Not only can herbal baths have a healing effect on your physical body, they can also relax and pamper you with their aromatherapy.

The herbs in herbal baths are also said to have spiritual benefits such as: increasing psychic vision; providing spiritual protection; cleansing negative energy; removing the influence of the dark arts; and enhancing good fortune and prosperity.

Why is Freedom In A Bottle so special?

Freedom In A Bottle is a groundbreaking herbal bath/post-shower rinse that raises your vibration, and expels the lower vibrational parasitic energetic influences that were attached to you (including the influences from witchcraft, black magic, voodoo, Santeria, death activity, spells, curses, vows, energetic chords, hooks, implants, encryptions, and other harmful energetic influences that derail your ability to achieve at the height of your capabilities). This cleanses and rejuvenates your body and energetic fields, and kicks out the energetic squatters that were previously dragging you down. The result is that you will vibrate at a higher frequency; invite in your guardian angels and spirit guides; and reset your energetic holding patterns to attract experiences of: peace, love, happiness, health, beauty, abundance, balance, power, and vitality.

Just image— simply by being alive and experiencing the modern world, you’ve been walking thru life with layers upon layers of negative energy attached to you.  This negative energy is likened to an invisible 1,000 lb. ball-and-chain that has gone undetected...until now. When it is released, you will propel forward and fly higher than you ever dreamed possible.

Achieve results that dazzle and delight, as you watch your dreams come true, with Freedom In A Bottle! 

Freedom In A Bottle and Heart Health:

Freedom In A Bottle offers its Original Formula and Love Wash. What is the difference between the Original Formula and Love Wash?

Not only does Love Wash have the same energetic cleansing effects as the Original Formula, Love Wash was also designed to help you create true love within and around yourself. This powerful blend can remove the blocks and interferences with your current ability to attract and maintain beautiful and loving relationships (romantic, familial, social, & professional). Love Wash also helps to increase the positive thoughts and feelings you have about yourself, thus enhancing self-love.  Equally important, Love Wash disables and dismantles the manipulative systems that restrict your access to love, heart health, sexual health, fertility, creativity, and vitality.

Specifically, Love Wash was designed to remove the following harmful influences that affect the heart:

     1. Heart chords

People who know each other and love each other often place energetic chords on one another to tighten their bond. These chords stretch from one person to the other, and are usually rooted in the center of the heart or the genitals. But instead of being used exclusively for love, these chords can also be used to manipulate.  This manipulation causes one person to have inflated and fabricated thoughts and feelings about the other person, which can eventually lead to abuse, servitude, energetic enslavement, and possession.

Heart chords can also be one-directional.  For example, manipulative heart chords are systematically placed on fans by Hollywood stars and other mainstream media leaders through their media content.  The more you watch / listen / follow, the stronger the heart chords become, and the more you are able to be manipulated and possessed. 

     2. Genital imprints

By exploiting your sexual traumas, negative sexual memories and experiences, sexual shame, or unhealthy ideas about sex and sexuality (which are regularly programmed into your thought process through the media), other beings can breach your defense mechanisms and place their genital imprints on you. These genital imprints can derail your existing loving relationships; block future loving relationships; drain your libido and desirability; decrease fertility; decrease masculinity/femininity; and magnetize dysfunction and heartbreak to you.

     3. Heart swap

With a heart swap, your heart is energetically harnessed, then exchanged with a dead heart, or representation of a dead heart (using a cadaver heart, a pig heart, or even an apple — which looks like a heart).  This exchange significantly decreases your heart health, love vibrations, love attractors, life force & vitality, vibrance, beauty, and quality of life.

     4. Heart vampires

Heart vampires are all around.  They energetically attach to your heart and drain your life force. This creates rapid aging, constant exhaustion, depression, and disease. 

     5. Heart mesh

Heart mesh is an energetic binding of your heart and heart function.  The heart mesh can simulate the effects of extreme heartburn, panic attacks, or even a heart attack.  Heart mesh is often triggered while you are driving, and can be deadly.

     6. STD encryptions

There are systems throughout the Earth that influence humanity by installing encryptions of STDs in your energetic bodies and fields.  These STD encryptions can be medically detected and diagnosed as the actual STD.  The encryptions can even create reactions within your body to emulate the symptoms of the STD.  Also troubling, once you have the encryptions, you are a magnet to an assortment of energetic attacks from every direction.  Further, it is virtually impossible to avoid exposure to the systems that install the encryptions.  For example, you are exposed simply by watching a sporting event on TV, eating fast food, interacting with your health insurance, going to see your favorite entertainer live in concert, even walking past the magazine rack as you are checking out at the grocery store.  

These system not only implant encryptions for STDs, but also for other diseases and disorders including: Coronavirus, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Down’s Syndrome, heart disease, high cholesterol, mood disorders, and more.

     7. Heart possession

The heart that has been afflicted by any heart/love manipulation, including the types listed above, is weakened in its physical, emotional, and energetic function.  Through this weakness, other beings (especially parasitic and predatory ones) are able to possess the hearts, love bodies, and even the identities of those with injured hearts.  Once the possessee is possessed, the possessor creates a bigger and bigger foothold within and around the possessee’s heart by installing fake love vibrations that function as Trojan horses. The fabricated love vibrations allow the possessor to avoid being detected and rejected by the possessee’s defense mechanisms.  The possessor can eventually parasite and drain the possessee’s entire life force, essence, positivity, happiness, beauty, fitness, health, fertility, well-being, motivation, wealth, and opportunities.