1 Gallon - Love Wash

Freedom In A Bottle

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Not only does Love Wash have the same energetic cleansing effects as the Original Formula, Love Wash was also designed to help you create true love within and around yourself. This powerful blend can remove the blocks and interferences with your current ability to attract and maintain beautiful and loving relationships (romantic, familial, social, & professional). Love Wash also helps to increase the positive thoughts and feelings you have about yourself, thus enhancing self-love.  Equally important, Love Wash disables and dismantles the manipulative systems that restrict your access to love, heart health, sexual health, fertility, creativity, and vitality.

Specifically, Love Wash was designed to remove the following harmful influences that affect the heart: 1). Heart chords; 2). Genital imprints; 3). Heart swap; 4). Heart vampires; 5). Heart mesh; 6). STD encryptions; and 7). Heart possession.  

**1 Gallon provides approximately an 8 - 16 day supply of herbal bath. 

The price of $270.00 is for hand delivery in San Diego. For shipment throughout the continental United States, the price is $310.00. (The price differential is due to the price of the freezing product necessary to keep the package cold during shipment). 

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